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Support the Child, Create Future Hope for the hopeless

This project, aim for Child Sponsorship for children of persons with different abilities, including children with different abilities (Children with disabilities) being ignored Education, the project also intent to support children of persons suffering from severe mental health illness. This is because in many occasion as part of the post war conflict trauma in Northern Uganda, the rate of mental illness is high.

A statistic from Gulu District Health Department recorded between July 2021 and March 2022 according to local media report has shown that Gulu alone registered 3,484 cases. Many mentally sick women in the streets of northern cities are also sexually abused hence many have given birth to children that need support as their abusers disappear in thin air, hence this project is looking at you to give hope to these children.

This project would also support persons with Albinism especially the children to fight stigma and stay in school since, the issues of albinism was a new phenomenon in the region and as to our past work there was records that these children were highly segregated and most of them come from poor families that the issues of their skin cream and others need to be attended to.

Please get involve and support a child under this category at any amount. Donate now.

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